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About Me

My Background

Brian A. Ochoa believes that Art and Design are created through the many dreams one holds within, which is to say that Art and Design are the full expressions of Life. Art has defined Brian’s entire existence, sparking constant curiosity of how to create stories through illustration, progression, and evolution.

From a young age, Star Wars shape-shifted Brian’s artistic expression, placing him in direct conversation with a promise he vowed to keep, of never settling for the practicalities of life, but rather moving towards what he has come to create in contribution on his Earth Walk. Throughout Brian’s childhood, Science-Fiction movies from the 1980s such as Empire Strikes Back and Blade Runner have inspired his imagery to draw. Comic Artist Illustrators Frank Miller, Todd MacFarlane, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, and Pop Artist Patrick Nagel’s art work, have stoked and fueled Brian’s creative fire.

As the years progressed, the dream of working in animation grew even deeper.  Seeing every waking moment as an apprenticeship to art and design, he learned all he could through friends and mentors within the art industry. Brian, attended The Animation Academy in Burbank, California learning the artist of character design. With hard work and dedication, Warner Brothers discovered Brian’s talents and offered him a freelance gig working on Loonatics Unleased and Legion of Superheroes. This experience served as a pivotal moment where Ochoa began to experience his dreams coming alive!

What I Do

What I do is illustrate great images and ideas with story being first and foremost important. 

What Inspires Me

I look at the world around me and I am always snapping pictures of textures, shapes, forms and decorative images and things that I think would make a great world, character or prop. I love gig posters and anything rock n' roll.